Calypso 34′ V Pirogue Special

The original design of the Pirogue was developed to suite the rich culture of the Caribbean people and their long history in the fishing industry. Calypso Marine Services Limited has perfected this design and our boat is able to withstand the rough waters of the Caribbean where fishermen travel many miles offshore to the fishing […]

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CanAm Maverick Max

This vehicle is currently being fabricated into a off road camera car

BTSB 16′ Box Trucks

Our Better Than a Stake Bed (BTSB) trucks are 16′ box trucks designed to protect your gear from weather and theft, to have a safer work environment with the step-up curbside door, full sized leveling lift gate and a 10,000 lb tow package with belly boxes on both sides. Features an automatic diesel engine, cruise […]


Our 4 wheel street bike is matte black, capable of speeds in excess of 100 mph.  There are camera platforms with speed rail on the front, rear and sides.  It features a Mitchell head slider, fully adjustable independent suspension, front and rear seats with seat belts and a 2000 watt inverter.  Easily seats 3.